designed to make life in a chair easier

designed to make life in a chair easier

What makes different?


Prevents the feet contacting the castors


Prevents the feet from being drawn under the foot plate


Prevents the feet slipping forward off the plate


Increases the contact area of the plate, reducing foot pressure


Improves the look with a built-in rear strap


The strap can be fixed around the front of the legs, preventing the feet from sliding forward, great for bumpy surfaces and leg spasms


No old leg strap sliding up and down during car transfers


I’m Adrian Hollis, inventor of BIGPAW.

A motor cycle accident in 2005 put me in a chair with T4 paraplegia.
Out of re-hab, I received my own chair, and set about getting back to work, play, life in general. What stood out to me was the small foot plate, my feet slipped off and was even worse in bare feet. So out to the shed I went and fabricated a new one, bigger, with curved sides so my feet where secure with no chance of contacting the castors.

Fast forward many years, when trialling a new replacement chair, suddenly the small foot plate problem returned. Having no feet- castor issues for many years,I had forgotten what an annoying, potentially damaging issue this was. With that, BIGPAW was designed and developed.

What is ? A better designed wheelchair footplate

I have been using the BigPaw wheelchair footplate for over 6 months now and absolutely love it. I am a C5/6 Quadriplegic that suffers from severe muscle spasms that constantly throw my legs around when I am wheeling.

I used to keep a strap underneath my chair that I would then put over the top of my feet when my legs got bad. As this was not connected to the chair I would often forget it or lose it.

Upon receiving the BigPaw I put it on straight away using the adhesive and have not looked back since!
I have been on several overseas trips with my wheelchair being lifted in and out of taxi’s and it is still in place doing exactly what it is supposed to.

I am a photographer by trade so have to go to hard to reach locations in order to capture and the last thing I want to be doing is worrying about my feet jumping off!

Luckily I don’t have to, thanks to BigPaw! 

Jaimen Hudson

Aerial Photographer