BIGPAW Footplate

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 making life in a wheelchair safer.

Better Support – Better Protection – Better Control

Use our template to check the appropriate size needed to fit your exiting plate.

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Better Support – Better Protection – Better Control

is designed to fit on top of the original foot plate, maintaining the wheelchair’s integrity. No tools required for fitting.

  • Prevents the feet contacting the castors
  • Prevents the feet from being drawn under the foot plate
  • Prevents the feet slipping forward off the plate
  • Increases the contact area of the plate, reducing foot pressure
  • Improves the look with a built-in rear strap
  • The strap can be fixed around the front of the legs, preventing the feet from sliding forward, great for bumpy surfaces and leg spasms
  • No old leg strap sliding up and down during car transfers

What do you get?

  • is constructed from 2 mm aluminum, anodized matt black.
  • Attached rubber surface – suitable for bare feet, while providing excellent grip for shoes.
  • 1 m x 5 cm strap (3 ft x 2 in)
  • Mounting tape and alcohol wipes for surface preparation


Additional information

Weight 0.8 g
Dimensions N/A

23 cm, 24 cm, 25 cm, 27 cm, 29 cm

1 review for BIGPAW Footplate

  1. Paul Meehan

    In actual fact this is not something i thought i needed however since receiving my big paw plate i don’t know how i survived without it.
    Previously I thought it was normal to adjust and realign my feet on the standard footplate 30 to 50 times a day. Constantly looking to see if my feet had fallen off to the side, back or front. Rough terrain was a nightmare, repeatedly putting my feet back every 5m.
    The Bigpaw removes all these problems, your feet sit securely in place with enough grip and suppprt from the edges they don’t move anywhere. It is a must for anyone who is active and likes to get out for a push with the front leg strap ideal to secure your legs for really bumpy terain.
    The best bit is i can now be confident in my chair in bare feet. No longer at home do i have to put shoes on just to protect my feet.
    The Bigpaw is a must and I’ll have one on every chair i have from now on.
    Ps. really easy to install.

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